Completion Survey

How did you get your lucky hands on a TinyTracker™️? *
How many babies did you track? *
How old was your baby/babies when you started using the TinyTracker™️? *
Are you organized or do you fly by the seat of your pants? Do you research everything or prefer to figure it out as you go?
Did you feel more confident, more organized? Give me #allthefeels.
Why did you prefer paper over pixels?
Was it your secret weapon?
Smaller size? More pages? Different price point? More memory book pages?
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Agree/ Disagree
The personalization of the TinyTracker™ is/was very important to me
Personalization/customization isn't very important to me, and would have still loved and used it if it wasn't personalized
I have (or plan to) gift a TinyTracker to another mama
The length of the tracker was too short
The size of the tracker was too big
We know you can't track forever... so give us the skinny on when your TinyTracker™️ use wrapped up: *
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