TinyTracker™ Twin Bundle

TinyTracker™ Twin Bundle


Besides your sweet bundles of joy, this "bundle" is the next best thing. Includes a paperback copy of The Baby Sleep Solution by Suzy Giordano and fully customized TinyTracker™ for twins.

The TinyTracker™ Twin Edition is a daily playbook for parents of twins...because let's be honest, life with two can be a {tiny} bit chaotic, and there is a high likelihood at some point, you may not remember who you fed...when!

Looking for a tracker for one baby? Hop on over here!

Not ready to customize but know a mama who would love one once her babies arrives? Gift cards are a great way to give the gift of tracking and allow mama to customize her TinyTracker when she’s ready! Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Twin Genders:
Customize this baby!


  • 12 week Dated Daily Planner for the first 3 months (based on due date / birthdate)

    • Dedicated column for each baby to track daily feedings + diapers

    • Daily prompts designed just for mama to encourage self care and gratitude

  • Daily Development Activities written by occupational/physical therapists and speech and language pathologists are designed to stimulate all five senses focusing on:

    • Visual Skills (Tracking, Scanning, Focusing)

    • Communication + Language Skills

    • Gross Motor Skills + Tummy Time

  • Growth Charts and Important Contact Information

  • Sturdy and durable memory book pages with fill in the blank prompts, dedicated page for each baby including and space to place pictures, ultrasound images and hospital bands/keepsakes

  • 6 pages of "TinyTips" for mama- a quick reference section packed with tips, tricks and hacks for new moms (also a great refresher for second and third time mamas)

  • 4 additional pages of wisdom, tips and tricks for the twin mama

  • 10 laminated high contrast, black and white face and pattern cards


  • Keep all of your helping hands on the same page {Night nurses, nannies, spouses, grandparents and babysitters}

  • Boosts sleep training success and helps you see patterns to develop a daily schedule that works for your family 

  • Simple and easy "pen and paper" design

    • Eliminates the frustration, confusion and learning curve of crashing apps and online trackers

    • Encourages less screen time and promotes more snuggles and one on one engagement with your babies

  • Bond with your babies and build the foundation of early learning with the daily developmental activities designed by medical professionals

  • Create a family heirloom baby book with simply through daily use. Keep track of sweet milestones and fill in the family tree and birth story pages. Add a few photos and voila! instant baby book!


  • Safe + sturdy plastic coil binding

  • Sturdy, durable memory and contact pages

  • Measures: 8.5"x11"

  • Approximately 150 pages

About The Baby Sleep Solution

In the official companion to the TinyTracker™ respected author and baby coach, Suzy Giordano, shares her scientifically sound tips and techniques to help newborns (and babies up to 18 months old) sleep through the night. You will learn how to:

  • Develop a flexible daily routine

  • Prevent bad sleep habits

  • Help your baby learn the art of self soothing without excessive crying

  • Gradually eliminate all night feedings

  • Teach your baby to sleep (or play quietly) in crib for approximately 12 hours a night


In those first few months, my brain was mush. The TinyTracker helped me keep track of day to day life, the fun stuff and the necessary stuff. And it helped keep my husband involved in the schedule, which, with two babies, I SO appreciated! Jotting notes in our TinyTracker was very much a family thing.

-Elizabeth, mama of boy girl twins
Raleigh, North Carolina

"My go-to, show-stopping baby shower gift *especially* for twins!"
-Kim R., grandmother of twin boys
St. Louis, Missouri

All custom orders received Monday-Thursday can typically be turned around and shipped in about 12-24 hours. Custom orders received on Fridays after 10am CST and weekends will be processed the next week day and shipped promptly. We can also send you a shortened .pdf (at no charge) of the first few tracking pages if you would like to begin tracking before your actual tracker arrives in the mail. Just be sure to let us know that you would like a .pdf emailed to you in the notes with your order