the tiny "birth" story


What started as a way to keep my mom brain organized
turned into a tool that changed my life.

Frozen with overwhelm as I awaited the arrival of my twin boys, the encyclopedia-thick parenting books continued to collect dust on my nightstand (Sound familiar?)

Every app, blog and website I read led me further from confidence and closer to fear.

I did know one thing: I craved a system to manage the newborn chaos, but knew it didn’t yet exist. So, I channelled my twin nesting energy to design a “so-easy-my-husband-can-use-it” spreadsheet to help me stay organized.

I didn’t expect the simple book I had spiral bound at a local copy shop would change my life, but it did.

Tracking meals turned into tracking memories…
And chaos turned into confidence.

I was able to communicate with my husband and the eager helping hands, enjoy the memories and milestones of the newborn phase, bond with my babies and ultimately achieve the holy grail of newborn parenting: sleeping through the night.

During my twins’ nap times, I began making custom trackers for friends and family.  I started adding memory book prompts, mom tips, tricks and daily development activities.

I sought to create the resource I wish I had access to when I was a new parent.

Word spread among friends, family and local bloggers.  Soon every new, bewildered parent in search of sanity and sleep needed at TinyTracker.  Twin and singleton mamas around the country agree:  


the TinyTracker is a lifesaver.

Today, the TinyTracker continues to empower and equip women to step into their genius as parents. To help them parent from a place of strength, confidence and rest, rather than resentment (and enjoy the ride).

I’m so glad you've found your way here. Let’s tackle motherhood together.

Cheering for you,