What is your sleep plan? You know, a plan once you bring baby home?

Unfortunately, hoping baby will be a good sleeper (or guessing he or she will sleep as soundly as your first baby) isn’t exactly a solid strategy.

The TinyTracker™  is designed as a companion to the The Baby Sleep Solution, by Susy Giordano, a twin mama herself. When used together with the TinyTracker™, her book amplifies takes the one step further, because it helps you design and stick to a schedule, begin to see patterns develop anD gradually eliminate all night feedings ultimately reach 12 hours of sleep by 12 weeks old (even with twins)!

BUT, if sleep training is not your thing or you’re on the fence, that’s totally fine- you can still use the inyTracker™!

We have just found however, most mamas soon realize one of the ultimate rewards of baby tracking (besides peace of mind of course) can be getting that precious shut eye!



Think fast: Who or what is your 24/7 go to resource for mom hacks/tips/problems?


…Your mom? (Even at 3am?)

No need to decide! The quick reference section in the front of each TinyTracker™ packed with updated tips, tricks and hacks for new moms by moms. Topics covered include pumping + nursing, sleep training, routines and mama’s mental wellness.

Basically, the TinyTips are like “cliffs notes” for motherhood (and a great refresher for second and third time mamas)



It is far too easy to get caught up with all the newborn craziness that you forget to take time for YOU.

Hands down, one of the best pieces of mom advice I received was to do one thing for yourself each day.

Even something small, like taking a shower, putting on mascara or taking a nap.

Each daily page features prompts for daily gratitude and self care, reminding you to take care of yourself, too.
Because when mama is happy, everyone is happy!