Introducing the TinyTracker

The TinyTracker™ is a custom 12-week newborn planner, sleep training guide, memory book, AND development tool all-in-one (even for twins).

Capture your baby’s memories and milestones in a beautifully designed, intuitive and handy custom bound book

A simple-as-sweet-tea tracker for meals, memories, and milestones with daily brain-boosting activities for your newborn.



Worried about how you’ll be able to keep #allthethings straight while trying to keep a new human alive?

Between changing diapers, multiple wardrobe changes, nursing or fixing bottles, swaddling and sleep, there’s actually a lot to keep straight! And there is no sugarcoating it: life with a newborn can be a bit chaotic- especially until you get the hang of it (and you totally will! The fact that you’re reading this actually means you’re already ahead of the pack)!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a framework, a guide, a blueprint to help you navigate the sleep deprived, need-four-cups-of-coffee-to-stay-awake kind of day? What if your spouse, mom, sister, friend or aunt instantly knew the “main events” of the day when they come over to help, saving you the full 15 minute baby play-by-play and actually allowing you to sneak a 30 minute nap in peace?

The TinyTracker™is kinda like the Simplified Planner...but for babies.



Ever wonder how bond with your sweet baby beyond snuggle sessions and peek-a-boo?

What if you could boost your baby’s brain development though simple daily activities with toys, books and blankets you have in your nursery?

Promote purposeful play and encourage bonding with your newborn while building the foundation for early learning with the daily development activities. Each daily activity in the TinyTracker™, written by occupational + physical therapists and speech and language pathologists, is designed to enhance your baby’s sensory development with a focus on:

Vision (Tracking, Focus, Scanning)

Communication + Language Skills

Gross Motor Skills + Tummy Time



Let’s face it, if you’re going to let something slide during your little’s first year, the baby book is likely it. You’re just trying to survive, and thinking about documenting it becomes the least of your worries at 3am.

Even though you start out with the best of intentions, more often than not, the baby book gets left behind.

Simply through daily use of your TinyTracker™, you’ll create family heirloom baby book as you go.

Keep track of sweet milestones each day the sweet “firsts” like “Baby’s First Bath” & “Baby’s First Smile”

Gill in the family tree and birth story pages in the memory book sections. Just add photos, ultrasounds and hospital bands and voila! Instant baby book!