+ Do you have an app?

While technology gives us the opportunity to unite and experience our world in real time, it simultaneously has a sneaky way of disconnecting us from the present. We intentionally designed the TinyTracker™️ as a space to nurture both growth and gratitude and hope it gives mamas a reason to unplug and connect with their littles, rather than worrying about wifi connections, battery life or apps crashing (because the only thing frozen we need in our hands is a margarita- or breastmilk haha)! We have a heart for the nostalgic charm and simplicity of the pen, paper and written word, so we do not have, nor do we intend to build, a TinyTracker™️ app. Studies have shown for years, when we write things down on paper, our minds absorb the information best. Writing things down also allows us to observe patterns and trends in real time...maybe it is not your thing, but we're just old school. And won't it be fun to look back in 20 years to see some of the fun memories and milestones you've written about your baby... its kinda like unearthing those gems hidden in your high school yearbook or FB wall from 2008!

+ Is it too late to order a TinyTracker™️ if my baby has already arrived?

Heavens no! We usually recommend starting as soon as possible since most people have the hang of the "baby thing" after 12 weeks (3 months- which is how long each TinyTracker™️ is printed). However, if you plan to sleep train your baby using The Baby Sleep Solution, tracking feedings are essential for success (making sure your love bug gets enough during the day so you both do not have to wake up at night!)- and can be used for babies up to 18 months old! If you really needed to start tracking yesterday we can hook you up with a shortened .pdf version of your custom tracker to carry you through until the real deal arrives on your doorstep, just be sure include that you need a .pdf in the notes with your order.

+ What is the turn around time for a custom TinyTracker™?

All custom orders received Monday-Thursday can typically be turned around and shipped in about 12-24 hours. Custom orders received on Fridays after 10am CST and weekends will be processed the next week day and shipped promptly. We can also send you a shortened .pdf (at no charge) of the first few tracking pages if you would like to begin tracking before your actual tracker arrives in the mail. Just be sure to let us know that you would like a .pdf emailed to you in the notes with your order.

+ Do you have products for Preemies, Triplets, Quads or Quints?

Yes, we can create a completely customized product for your family's unique needs. Send your specific requests to to get the conversation started. Prices are determined by the size, time and complexity of the design involved.

+ Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! Giftcards are a great way to give a {tiny} gift, while allowing mama to customize a TinyTracker or use it to put towards virtual sleep consulting. Head over here to grab for a TinyTracker Giftcard!

+ What If I do not know the baby's gender or name, can you still make a custom TinyTracker™️?

Yes, absolutely! In the shop, select "surprise" instead of boy or girl for the gender. For the name, enter "Baby" followed by the baby's last name. For example "Baby Anderson" You can always purchase a gift card to let the mama personalize it for herself!

+ Who contributed to the TinyTracker™️?

The TinyTracker™️ was lovingly curated and crafted by team of dedicated parents, pediatricians, pediatric occupational therapists, early childhood educators, psychologists and speech and language pathologists. The first of it's kind, the TinyTracker™️ combines real world mama experience with scientifically sound advice and developmental tools to help you and your baby/babies thrive!

+ Do you have any other products?

While are always working to improve our current products based on feedback and constructive criticism, we are looking towards the future! Stay tuned for the launch of new products in the Fall of 2019.

+ My baby is in the NICU. Do you have specific NICU tracking pages?

Yes! Many of our families spend time with their little(s) in the NICU and we do have an option to add NICU specific pages before the traditional tracking pages. Be sure to indicate in the comments you would like NICU pages and approximately how many you anticipate needing. For most trackers with NICU pages, we have found that the fill in the date format is best for the entire tracker. All developmental activities will be still be appropriate.

+ Refunds & Exchanges

Due to the highly custom nature of our products, we cannot accept refunds or exchanges for customized items (TinyTracker™️, Planners etc). Damaged or defective non-custom retail items (such as sleep books and high contrast images) can be returned for a full refund within 30 days with proof of purchase. Please refer to our Terms of Service

Unfortunately, we cannot be held liable for typos and/or misspellings of names you provided on the customization order form. But we are all human. If there is a discrepancy between the information you provided during ordering and the product we delivered to you, we want to make it right. Please contact us at and we'll email you a label to return your product back to us to fix it.