Hey mama! I’m Lauren.

I educate, empower and equip mamas throughout their journey of motherhood, helping them transition from merely surviving to thriving. {Hint hint...includes sleep, self care and parenting tips)

I am a St. Louis native who reconnected, married my high school sweetheart, quit my job as a prosthetist (yes, you read that correctly. I designed, built and fit lower extremity prosthetic limbs for veterans and weekend warriors) AND had twins in the same calendar year.

I relied on what my type-A personality knew best: spreadsheets. I was so overwhelmed, the only parenting book I could bear to pick up mentioned I should keep track of feedings and diapers. So, I did as instructed and The TinyTrackerTM was born.

It has since evolved and blossomed into a business (and community) helping mamas overcome the overwhelm during the first few weeks home with a newborn.

It is my sincere hope that the TinyTrackerTM can help you TRACK, NOURISH and THRIVE!

So glad you’re here!


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