The newborn notebook every mama needs.

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 A simple-as-sweet-tea tracker for meals, memories and milestones with daily brain-boosting activities for your new bundle(s) of joy.

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overcome the overwhelm

There’s no sugar coating it. Life with a newborn ain’t easy. Manage the newborn chaos while tracking baby’s meals and milestones. Both breast and bottle friendly, the TinyTracker™ has room for everything you need to remember!


boost brain development

It can be difficult to know how to interact with a newborn. Easily build the foundation for early learning with daily age-appropriate sensory activities, including high contrast patterns and images, approved by pediatricians designed to boost newborn brain development!


so easy, dad can use it

Even if he’s not exactly sure what to do now that baby’s here. Keep all of your helping hands on the same page, literally. No apps for grandma to download while you’re out on that much needed date with your hubby!


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Sleeping Through the Night:
THE Parenting Badge of Honor

Let’s get ya some.
Got twins? No problem.



From pregnancy glow
to: oh-no...I forget!

Tools to make your life

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Hey, I’m Lauren.

I help new mamas turn confusion and chaos into CONFIDENCE and REST.

As a twin-mama-turned-sleep-coach, I get it: the exhaustion, the expectations, the doubt. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to:

o Simplify and reduce stress
o Parent with purpose
o Achieve baby sleep success
o Prioritize self care


What Mama’s Are Saying

Photo by Doug Howell Photography

Photo by Doug Howell Photography

“I just loved how the TinyTracker gave me clarity when my head was spinning.

It was a lifeline when it came to remembering feedings and diaper changes.

I loved the space for tracking his milestones and my “one thing” for self care. It really made me think about what I needed to do for myself each day.”

Allie Corey
Co-Anchor of Today In St. Louis
NBC Affiliate / KSDK

Photo by Nancy Ray Photography

Photo by Nancy Ray Photography

“In those first few months with twins, my brain was mush. Our TinyTracker™ helped me keep track of day to day life, the fun stuff and the necessary stuff.

And it helped keep my husband involved in the schedule, which, with 2 babies, I SO appreciated.

Jotting notes in our TinyTracker™ was very much a family thing.”

Raleigh, North Carolina


“I wish I had a TinyTracker™ when my first baby was born! Thank you for officially becoming my go-to baby shower gift!”

Equal parts practical, pretty and personalized, the TinyTracker™ is the the gift every mama wants, but doesn’t know she needs!

Forget duplicate gifts and registry woes, the TinyTracker™ is a one-and-done baby shower gift guaranteed to be show stopper!


Is there an App for that?

Nope! That’s the point.

The TinyTracker™ is intentionally designed to help you

Put your phone down and pick your baby up!

Because here’s the thing: Apps freeze.

And most caregivers aren't thrilled to use unfamiliar technology for their brief babysitting gig while you’re getting that much-needed mani/pedi or sipping wine over dinner with your hubby.

The best part?

The pen and paper design doesn’t depend on your internet connection. And when you’re finished using the TinyTracker™ you’ll have a bespoke baby book. A well-loved family keepsake covered with coffee rings, milk stains and memories.



Grab a *free* workbook on the

5 Essentials Every Mom Should Know About Newborn Sleep

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Don’t forget to add a TinyTracker™ to your registry

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